APG is now part of CBIZ, which, together with MHM (Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.) is one of the nation’s largest financial services providers. Now known as CBIZ ARC, we will continue to provide the same quality service our clients have come to know and trust. For details, please visit click here.
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APG offers an end-to-end solution for employers regardless of company size or scope. From start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, ARC Placement Group LLC will provide your placement solutions with quality and efficiency. If you have already worked with APG or the ARC family (www.arcconsultingllc.com), you already know the quality results that you have come to expect will be delivered.

APG specializes in placing Finance/Accounting and IT professionals of all levels with great companies. We understand why you’re here. When we represent you, we keep the “complete you” in mind: where you’ve been, where you are today and where you want your career path to lead. We want to help you manage your career, making sure each move brings you closer to fulfilling your long-term aspirations.

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ARC Placement Group (APG)

Sources top Finance/Accounting and IT talent for all of the interim and direct hire needs of prominent high-growth companies. Whether serving a start-up company or Fortune 500 clientele: our mission is simple – to match up top talent with top organizations. With the ever increasing difficulty of sourcing top talent, you can feel confident that the team at APG will be responsive to your needs and deliver a tailored solution that will exceed your expectations. ARC Placement Group represents all of the best that the ARC family (including www.arcconsultingllc.com) has to offer on the staffing side.

Our People

Harris Klein

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer Harris is the Co-Founder and CEO of ARC Placement Group with more than 20 years of experience in finance, consulting and business development.

Gary Klintworth

Co-Founder Gary is also a co-founder and Managing Director of ARC Consulting LLC serves on the Board of Advisors of BigControls and is an Advisor to Cloud9.

Jim Loughmiller

Co-Founder Jim is an experienced financial executive with over 17 years of experience in industry, accounting, consulting and business development.


Direct Hire Opportunities

Finger on the Pulse. We work tirelessly to be the first to know who is hiring in today’s marketplace, and APG’s staff is here to match your skill set with the opportunity you’ve been looking for

Interim Placement

Great temporary solutions. APG has interim opportunities for Finance/Accounting and IT professionals across all industries. Whether you are looking to ‘fill the gap’ between roles or you like the long-term flexibility of interim employment, APG is your premier partner.

Accounting/Finance Professionals

Work/Life Balance. Maintaining a healthy work/life Balance can be a tremendous challenge in today’s marketplace. We would encourage you to connect with ARC Placement Group to see why many professionals have chosen to consult full-time with us. We have helped many professionals achieve that elusive work/life balance as a consultant for APG.

IT Professionals

We have your IT job opportunity. Search IT jobs in your skill set or location. Gain access to the latest IT job opportunities that match your skills, goals and interests by uploading your resume and joining our network.

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